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The Noachide Association of Great Britain is one of a number of local chapters of the United Noahide Academies, which are Local Noahide study groups throughout the world, which meet up and study from the book ‘Sefer Sheva Mitzvot HaShem’ / ‘The Divine Code’, with the guidance of a local Orthodox Rabbi as the "Dean" of the local chapter.

The Noachide Association of Great Britain was founded in May 2005, to serve the needs of a growing number of Bnai Noach in the UK who wanted to meet up and get involved and study with an orthodox Rabbi and like minded people.

The Noachide Association of Great Britain is under the direction and supervision of Rabbi Yitzchok Sufrin, shlit'a (Director of the Friends of Small Communities, which is a division of Chabad-Lubavitch UK), with the help and support of the Director and panel of Rabbis behind the ‘Ask Noah, United Noahide Academies' project.


Our goal is to establish a group where Noahides can meet other Noahides who are interested in sharing information and ideas, discussing and learning together with an Orthodox Rabbi about the Seven Universal Commandments of the Covenant of Noah.

Study Program:

Currently we are holding classes in London, which last for approximately two-to-three hours.

In the first hour of the class, Rabbi Sufrin will teach from the new comprehensive codification (Shulchan Aruch) of noachide law, which clearly defines for the first time, all of the details of the proper observance of the Covenant of the Descendants of Noah. It is in the form of a Hebrew book called ‘Sefer Sheva Mitzvot HaShem’ (The Book of Seven Divine Commandments), and also it has recently been translated into English by its producers AskNoah International and published as: ‘The Divine Code.’

In the second half of the meeting, Rabbi Sufrin teaches from the second book of the Tanya, namely ‘Shaar HaYichud VehaEmunah’ (The Gate to [the understanding of] G-d’s Unity and the Faith). The Lubavitcher Rebbe recommended that this section of the Tanya be taught to Noachides. (see Likutei Sichos, Vol. 25, p. 192 or Likutei Sichot vol. 29 on Yud Tes Kislev).


The topic at our meetings is limited to Orthodox Jewish teachings about the Noachide commandments and the correct and appropriate beliefs and concepts for Noachides to hold. It doesn't matter what religion you may have been a member of in the past, that's not our concern. We are not an Interfaith Forum, and we will not discuss any other religion. Politics are also not an appropriate subject at these classes.

What is the purpose of the Seven Commandments and of our association?

Yishuv HaOlam - the settlement of the world, for the peoples of all nations, with the establishment of stable, morally upright and just societies based on the Seven Noachide Commandments. As the prophet expresses the purpose of creation: ‘He did not create it a waste land, He formed it to be inhabited.’ (Isaiah 45:1)

‘This is the purpose of the Seven Noachide Commandments, to ensure that the world be in a state of decency, each person acting with justice and righteousness to another. This is connected with the “Name of the L-rd” — the Seven Noachide Commandments are fulfilled because a person has faith in the Creator of the world; Who commanded him to conduct himself in an orderly, constructive, decent fashion; and to utilize his abilities and influence on others to ensure that they also conduct themselves properly.’ – The Lubavitcher Rebbe, 11th Nissan, 5742 (1982).

Our Vision:

That all Gentiles should accept G-d's Sovereignty over the world and observe G-d’s Universal Instructions for Gentiles:  The Seven Noachide Commandments, as given after the Flood to Noah and his descendants in the Covenant of Noah. Specifically because they were repeated by G-d to Moses at Mount Sinai during the Revelation of the Holy Torah, an eternal source which obligates its continued observance by all mankind.

We want to help prepare the way for the King Messiah; may he come soon. As the Lubavitcher Rebbe said: ‘Through all this work, of teaching the laws of Noach to the nations of the world, which is a preparation for the work of Moshiach, may we merit the ultimate and complete goal of perfecting the world with the fulfillment of the promise: "For then will I turn to the peoples a pure language, that they may all call upon the Name of the LORD to serve Him with one consent." - 11th Nissan, 5745 (1985).

Why should I bother in getting involved?

You were created by G-d, not by chance. It’s your task to elevate all human activity to a Divine purpose. In short, this means being able to connect every human activity with G-d; and this is precisely the purpose of the Seven Noachide Commandments. By making the Seven Noachide Commandments a part of your life you have the ability to connect your entire being with G-d. Upon achieving this task you create a dwelling place for G-d in the world, hence fulfilling purpose in your life and in the life of creation.

Want to join the London Noachide Class?

The meetings are on an invitation only basis, so if you would like to attend, simply fill out the form below, and tell us a little about yourself and your interest in Torah and the Noachide Commandments.

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